80/90/y2k nostalgia, weird obscure games, old consoles, funny cartoon animals, fursonas and ocs, tokusatsu, lost media, old web, cyberpunk, hazmat suits, knights, buffy masked men, anything neon green, art history, literally just the words "wacky" "spooky" and "funky", goth subcultures

Astronomy, science, robotics and technology, geology, nature, fungi, animals especially insects, reptiles, and sea creatures (MAINLY deep sea)

Cryptozoology, ufology, scp, kaiju, monster designs, urban legends

Horror, scifi, arthouse, stopmotion, 2d animation

i change fixations a lot. sometimes i go with the same fixation for a week or more; other times it's less than a day

i'm always critical of the things i like