video games ... platform, point n click, puzzle, quirky little games and interesting character designs, mons, badly aged polygons, experimental and just obscure unheard of oddities

special interests ... history of animation, claymation/stopmotion, practical effects, puppetry, newspaper comic strips, franco belgian comics, 70s/80s/90s/y2k nostalgia, anime categorized in the "toy commercial" section

other fun interests ... weird history, bizarre biology, toys, tcg, monster designs, mascots, children's media, magical girls, retro animanga, osamu tezuka and shotaro ishinomori's works, scifi, horror, lost media, tokusatsu, kaiju, gasmasks, surrealism, acid green, the words "wacky", "whimsical", "biohazard", "spooky" and "funky"

I am not a stan. I am autistic and also an academic and a hater.