> Somsnosa / Ed

> 25

> It/its

> Brazil

> White latino and up to not good

> Autistc/ADHD

> The way i speak is disorganised, full of typos or missing words, and sometimes nonsensical

> I'm bad at communication and most of the time i just live in my own world and i hardly keep track on things. I do enjoy meeting new people so don't be afraid to talk to me anytime!

> I can't interact a lot or often. Please understand


70s/80s/90s/y2k nostalgia, weird history, bizarre biology, old consoles, platform games, polygons, stopmotion, funny cartoon animals, rubberhose, puppetry, toys, tcg, clowns, ocs, lost media, old web, gasmasks, masked men, surrealism, neon green, the words "wacky", "whimsical", "biohazard", "spooky" and "funky"

funny internet it listens to bad music and likes children's media


❌ no terfs, truscums, ableists, pedophiles, or neonazis

❌ no fujoshis, "shippers", freaks, or hentai addicts

❌ "fiction doesn't affect reality" you are so funny

✔️ if i'm following someone bad (abuser/abuser apologist, pedo, racist, etc you get it) lmk

> i post things such as bugs and unsettling stuff sometimes

> i speak about topics of reality, simulations, and general dereality stuff so please consider this before following

> no minors following me please (aside of current mutuals). i make nsfw jokes here and there it's better safe than sorry

> don't use tone indicators with me. I hardly use them either, feel free to ask me if you can't tell what my tweet means.

> block to break mutuals

> tweet and rt heavy