i am a fan of old and unknown video game consoles, platformers such as kirby, sonic, megaman, and castlevania. i'm mostly into old games and indies, quirky little things, monster catching, badly aged polygons, experimental and just obscure unheard of games.

other interests include 70s/80s/90s/y2k nostalgia, weird history, bizarre biology, stopmotion, practical effects, funny cartoon animals, history of animation, newspaper comic strips, franco belgian comics, retro anime/manga, vintage stuff in general, puppetry, toys, tcg, clowns, ocs, scifi, horror, arthouse, lost media, old web, gasmasks, masked men, surrealism, neon green, the words "wacky", "whimsical", "biohazard", "spooky" and "funky"

i am not a stan i am autistic and i am an academic