@Arcade Font Writer

➤ Create your own text using hundreds of fonts from classic Arcade games!

@The Cutting Room Floor

➤ A site dedicated to researching cut or unused content from various video games. If you enjoy their content, consider donating!

@The Death Generator

➤ A generator which allows users to insert custom text into dialogue screens from various video games, such as Super Metroid, Star Fox, and Metal Gear Solid.

@Every Noise At Once

➤ Developer's words: An explorable, listenable acoustic map of the 1300+ genres of the world of music.


➤ A search engine to find old geocities gifs and graphics!

@Legends of Localization

➤ A site that details and takes a look at the difference between localizations from one region to another.


➤ A fan-created database for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with specials tools such as Villager Gifts to find what each villagers likes, a move out calculator, and an Island Rating.

@Picasion glitter text maker

➤ Make your own glitter text! With various fonts and colors to pick from!

@Software Library: Flash

➤ We all know what the Internet Archive is, but did you know about their new flash library?


➤ A site to download abandonware games! Pretty self-explanatory


➤ Another site like myabandonware

@TOSEC: The Old School Emulation Center

➤ On the Internet Archive!

@Reddit's Piracy Megathread

➤ Remember kids: piracy is a victimless crime!

@Obscure Media Subreddit

➤ A subreddit made exclusively to share forgotten and unknown pieces of media. You may find something interesting in there!


➤ A site made exclusvely to download video game music