Other big interests are weird history, bizarre biology, funny cartoon animals, rubberhose, puppetry, stopmotion, toys, tcg, clowns, ocs, lost media, old web, gasmasks, masked men, surrealism, the words "wacky", "whimsical", "biohazard", "spooky" and "funky"

MUSIC Psychodelic rock, prog rock, retro electro, postpunk, jazz, experimental and avant garde, metal, new wave, industrial. Anything i'm in the mood for i guess
MOVIES Mostly arthouse, sci-fi, horror, b&w, animation, and guess what, children's movies
COMICS Really into newspaper comic strips, avant-garde comics, franco-belgian, old mangas, and well, chidren's comics
GAMES Platformers, niche indie stuff, cool ps1 polygons, sega consoles, anything with funny creachers

Astronomy, science, robotics and technology, geology, fungi, animals especially insects, reptiles, and sea creatures (MAINLY deep sea)

Cryptids, ufo, scp, kaiju, monster designs, urban legends, creepypastas

Oh yeah, i change fixations a lot. Not worth listing it