❌ no terfs, truscums, ableists, pedophiles, or neonazis

❌ no terfs, truscums, ableists, pedophiles, or neonazis

❌ "fiction doesn't affect reality" you are so funny

✔️ if i'm following someone bad (abuser/abuser apologist, pedo, racist, etc you get it) lmk

i post things such as bugs and creepy imagery, untagged most often

expect gross ass topics too like parasitic isopods living in my mouth. not saying that is not true

i speak about topics of reality, simulations, and general dereality stuff so please consider this before following

i swear quite a bit. plus tweet and rt heavy

if i say any misinfo or do anything that needs to be addressed feel free to tell me

if you're uncomfortable with my age feel free to block. also block if you want to break mutuals

i can't interact a lot or often. hope it is fine

i always try to watch my behaviour and the things i do and say. i'm aware sometimes i may sound cold or rude but be aware it isn't intentional. if i did something that hurt you please let me know.

i may not follow back if you are younger than 18 (current mutuals are fine)

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