Mainly known as Roswell, Somsnosa or Ed. It's a maladaptive daydreamer void thing. We like animation, old games, drawing, obscure media, some niche things. It's all fun. 1995

gemini☉leo☾gemini↑ chaotic neutral
melancholic thinker
4w5 ICUE (Mad Scientist/Hacker)
rcoei reserved

Autistc/ADHD. I'm quite forgetful and slow minded, please bear with me.

I speak in third person and royal we sometimes.

The way i speak is disorganised, full of typos or missing words, and sometimes nonsensical. I'm bad at communication and most of the time i just live in my own world and i hardly keep track on things. I do enjoy meeting new people so don't be afraid to talk to me anytime!