I'm neurodivergent and i've a really complicated and weird relationship with gender, body, my self, my existence and any human meaning behind all of it and one way i found to cope with some of that without going cosmic levels of insane was through xenogender and otherkin etc. The otherkin part is also kinda for fun and i don't take that too seriously so i'm fine with doubles or whatever the kids call it. It sure is funny. I need therapy.

Current definition: half man half dark vaguely human-shaped void (with rubberhose movements sometimes)

I tend to 'look like' a lot with things like black mage/wizards, plague doctor/alchemist/mad scientists, cartoon clowns/jesters, humanoid voids, faceless/masked critter, imps, glowing eyes or no eyes at all, black cat-like creatures, and anything with weird cartoon physics and zero concept of gender. Enjoy my personal hell